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Spiral To Wellness with Kerrie Ireland


Please join me on a wellbeing journey of writing, reading and travel. I'm a creative writer who offers ideas and techniques for a healthier lifestyle. When we pick up a book we can lose ourselves inside the pages. Our troubles can be forgotten for the duration of a novel as we drift off to another place while becoming friends with the characters in the story. By reading self help books we can learn so much about ourselves and others. We can learn to appreciate the little things that improve our daily lifestyle. We can be inspired by new ideas that bring us balance and harmony. So much can be said about books. Genres for all tastes, there's fiction and nonfiction. What do you like to read or write? What inspires you?

Reading is healing, it's a healthy way of keeping our minds active, just as meditation is a healthy way to quiet our minds. As a writer you can also find inspiration while you meditate, like an idea will drift into your subconscious mind as you sit in an awareness of just being.

Practicing healthy eating patterns and daily exercise also contribute to a happier you. My aim is to inspire, and to enrich through my practices and my writing.

Writing feels healthy, it's healing, and it takes me beyond the dimensions of daily living. I take every opportunity to grow. I believe that there is always room for growth. There is so much more to learn. There are many ways in which we can all inspire and teach each other. We all have the ability to heal ourselves, use our intuition and to love.

Doing what we love makes us feel good. When we are being creative it brings satisfaction and takes us into a space of peace. We feel like we are doing something we should be doing, it feels natural, it feels right. We are in the moment, time goes unnoticed because our soul is at home.

There is nothing quite like the feel of book between my hands. When I finish reading a book, I am instantly onto the next one. The stream is endless, an ongoing saga of adventure, romance, fantasy, suspense and learning. There are so many inspiring authors and so many fabulous books at your fingertips.



Healthy Choices, Inspiration, Creativity, and Loving what You Do Brings Change to the World.

All over the world people of all ages are turning to their creativity to enrich lives, and for a better lifestyle, health and happiness.

Join us on a Journey of inspiration.