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Welcome To Spiral To Wellness - Your Journey Begins Here


I grew up on the northern beaches of Sydney when children spent a lot of time playing outside in the fresh air and sunshine and parents couldn’t track you down with mobile phones. We had feedom to roam. I was lucky to have a close knit extended family and it's fair to say, wonderful childhood memories. That doesn't mean to say there isn't a darker side to my childhood, to a lesser degree. I believe that whatever our experiences are, they define us.

When I left school I did a hairdressing apprenticeship and loved being in touch with my creative side and helping my clients get over their bad hair days. I became the business owner of the salon at the age of nineteen. My hairdressing years extended into management positions until I decided on a change, so I gained experience in other areas.

I have always been an advocate of NATURAL good health and nutrition. I believe supporting our bodies from the inside is a positive way to bring joy to our outside world.

We live in a world of chemicals and processed food so taking care in the most natural way possible is a great start to healthier living.

I began my spiritual and holistic healing journey over twenty years ago by attending a Weekend Meditation Workshop and I never stopped seeking ways of improving my inner and outer self. We never cease learning, growing and achieving. One of the most important outcomes in the beginning was that through medition I realised that I suffered from anxiety. So meditation soon became a lifeline for me.

Meditation practice opened up a whole new world for me to explore, and I found answers to my spiritual experiences that I have had all of my life. I never stopped delving deeper through books and other practices, so as I studied my sensitivities awakened even more.

Writing is one of my greatest joys. When I began writing at a local Writers Group I found it very therapeutic, a way to delve into my inner consciousness and release blockages and found the voice I was holding back. Toast Masters helped my voice on a physical level.

When I write fiction I can be who ever I want to be, just like when you are lost in the pages of a book. Or I can be the voice of motivation, sharing my own experiences that may help others on their journey, whatever that may be. One day I will write a book.

I love travelling the world and reliving my adventures through words and photography and motivating others to live their dreams too so they can have magic moments.

When a friend recommended AromaTouch technique as a pick me up after an injury I had, that was the catalyst for my Doterra journey. It felt so gloriously wonderful how the aroma of the essential oils blissfully aroused each of my senses so perfectly in sync with the touch of Jan’s hands, it had been just what I needed as each oil has it's own healing properties. I immediately wanted more information on how to become an AromaTouch Technique therapist and use these beautiful essential oils to enhance other people’s lives.

After being introduced to Doterra I learned a whole new science on essential oils. Their purity and integrity is first Grade, the resourcefulness of each of the essential oils still amazes me and I am forever learning from resource books, online reference guides and the wonderful people who are always available to help me. The only way of knowing if an essential oil is pure is by being a part of the entire process and Doterra ticks all the boxes. Healing Hands is just one of the ways in which doterra gives back to those in need.

I trained as an Essence of Angels and Crystal Light Healing practitioner several years ago and was blown away by the shift in energy that happens within and around our bodies. The gift of giving energy healing is something that I never ever imagined doing. I didn’t go looking for it; it just kind of found me. I am only the vessel with which angels transfer healing energy and communicate. I feel fantastic when I do a healing, it gives me such joy.

One of my most important achievements is my marriage and raising our three beautiful daughters. They are my love and joy, and they have grown into amazingly strong women that I am so proud of.

We all have an inner knowing, our intuition is a powerful tool that we should all learn to tap into.

We all have a story, we all have a past and a future and we all have NOW.

Certifications and Training
Metaphysical School of Healing  
Crystal Light Healing & Essence of Angels Practitioner
AromaTouch Technique - Dr David K Hill (Medical Chief Officer)
AromaTouch Technique Therapist
Certificate 3 Health Administration
Certificate 4 Youth Work



Rejuvenation, Healing, Pain Relief, Anti Aging And Wellness Through Nature

All over the world people of all ages are turning to natural therapies for Health, Wellness and Wellbeing.

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