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Welcome To Crystal Light Healing


Working as a certified Crystal Light Healing practitioner and helping people on their inner healing journey is such a fulfilling experience. Our bodies contain energy centres known as chakras or meridians. We have seven main chakras running down our centre from the top of our head to the base of our spine. Many other energy centres are contained throughout our bodies and when we are healthy they spin and our energy flows freely. When we are unwell or negative some can become still or sluggish and we don’t feel as energised. We may feel stuck, emotional, or have physical ailments and we don’t always know why we are feeling this way.

We all have energy blockages throughout our bodies at different times for various reasons and we also don’t want our chakras spinning out of control so it all about balance and harmony. Freeing this stuck and stagnant energy through energy work is vital in helping us to shift from negative to positive outcomes.
Not only do we have inner energy centres, we also have external body chakras and are surrounded by our energy field of light that expands and contracts, also known as an aura.

When I first began seeing auras many years ago I was amazed by the colours within our energy field. When I began my Crystal Light Healing training I was blown away by the current of energy that radiates from the human body. Sometimes so strongly it pushes me backwards.

Your crystal light healing session involves integrating spiritual guidance and intuition with a combination of supporting crystals which I have personalised to you. I usually receive messages which I pass on to you at the end of your healing session.

Your crystal light healing is non invasive and relaxing, coming from a place of pure angel love and light.

Long Distance Energy Healing - Because of the nature of crystal light healing I am able to perform these healings from long distances effectively. I like incorporating my Liquid Crystal Oracle cards for additional insight.

Cost per 1 hour session $45.00

Gift vouchers are available.


Rejuvenation, Healing, Pain Relief, Anti Aging And Wellness Through Nature

All over the world people of all ages are turning to natural therapies for Health, Wellness and Wellbeing.

Join us on Your Journey and Change Your Life Today.