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Intro to Chakras

Our chakras or energy centres are a vital link to our happiness, health and well being. With an understanding of what they are and how they work gives us a better understanding of ourselves and what is happening in our lives.
In our busy lifestyles we sometimes find it hard to relax and have alone time.
You will discover new ways to heal, remove blockages that have held you back in the past and to be more in touch with your inner self. Learn practical skills that can enhance your inner joy and brighten your outlook on life.
Enjoy light refreshments, meditation, chakra oils, crystals, card readings and more in an harmonious relaxed and friendly environment.
Go home with techniques you can use every day, more insight and information to help you discover more about yourself and a gratitude gift bag.

There are currently no dates for workshops. Please contact me if you are interested in holding, or attending a chakra or meditation workshop.



Rejuvenation, Healing, Pain Relief, Anti Aging And Wellness Through Nature

All over the world people of all ages are turning to natural therapies for Health, Wellness and Wellbeing.

Join us on Your Journey and Change Your Life Today.