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Welcome To Spiral To Wellness - Your Journey Begins Here


Welcome, my name is Kerrie, I’m a Freelance Writer and will be posting and sharing with you my life experiences with travel, accounts of my own  spiritual journey, a personal  reflection of my thoughts which I hope will be motivational, thought provoking and provide inspiration for you to just get out there and do whatever your heart desires. I invite your feedback, comments, your own encounters, experiences and ideas. I love hearing from my readers.

You will find links to my stories at the bottom of this page.

For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in creative writing and life without reading I could not even begin to contemplate. I have an exercise book, illustrated and named ‘The Haunted House’ that I began writing as a small child, at that tender age I’d had the urge to write a book. My childish, vivid imagination and creating my own magic came naturally, my thoughts ran deep within the essence of my soul.

I held on to high ambitions. At 17 I sailed on the Fairstar to beautiful and unspoiled islands around Fiji with my boyfriend (now husband) and at 18 headed North from our home on the Northern Beaches of Sydney in Mark’s Kombi Camper to Townsville’s Army Barracks in far North Queensland where my brother was posted. Adventures from nearly rolling over on the side of the highway to being stuck in floods are still memorable today. I owned my own business at 19 and took on managerial positions.

My goal of travelling to Europe was set on the back burner, life had other things in store, but I never lost sight of achieving it. We married, my hopes of honeymooning on the Greek Islands was put on the to do list as well and I settled for Jenolan Caves House at Katoomba NSW and it was a wondrous place to explore, returning on two occasions. We brought up our 3 beautiful daughters, venturing on the outskirts, before settling in the seaside tourist town of Noosa in 1997, such a tranquil place for raising children.

My husband had travelled overseas extensively on business and I yearned to step on a cobblestone lane in Italy or plunge into the Aegean sea on a tranquil island in Greece. Australia is an exceptional country with fantastic diversity, Sydney, Queensland, Melbourne, Tasmania, and the places in between has been great to see, but it wasn’t Europe that was drenched in the history that I loved so much.

I joined meditation and writing groups, did writing courses and my self confidence grew, I explored my inner essence and expressed myself and my ideals with words. My Mary River Poem won third prize and felt privileged to read it at the Maryborough Festival. A Noosa Radio Broadcaster read a poem I’d written about Australia over the air on Australia Day. I attended book launches, supported new authors, and gained inspiration. Toast Masters boosted my public speaking moral and I was stepping out of my comfort zone progressively, voted for best speech of the night and receiving a trophy was enlightening.
I considered joining a writing retreat in Italy, disappointed at the time when careful consideration deemed it wasn’t feasible, I compromised and took the girls to Snowy Mount Hotham in Victoria. I was 41 and it was the most fun I’d had in years. Tobogganing down icy slopes right at our doorstep, invoked the thrills of childhood.
I continued working hard and at last I accompanied Mark to Shanghai on business, being treated like VIP’s was an unexpected treat. My husband didn’t share my travel dream so setting it in motion was challenging. It occurred to me one day that if I wanted my travel dreams fulfilled, it was up to me, no one else was going to do it for me so I took my first tiny step. I opened a special bank account and began putting money in every week, however small. Excitement filled me as the bank balance grew and my incentive increased. I built an inspirational board and pinned my goals and watched them transpire.

I awoke one morning to a strong message – if you don’t go next year you never will. I rang Mum to see if she’d like to come. Before I knew it we had booked our plane tickets, chosen a tour and were planning a travel route. Insight Vacations Italian Escapade Tour, then continued our adventure across Switzerland, Paris, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Now I’m learning to speak Italian.
That was in 2013, I haven’t stopped stepping on board the next flight to my dream destinations. 2015 my husband and I made it to the Greek Islands of Mykonos, Paros, Santorini, Athens and Insight Vacations Tour Turkish Delights for our second Honey Moon. Yay! Never give up on a dream.

2016 saw me and Mum back in England and Wales, driving our way from one end to another, seeing more of England than we have of Australia. Our travels have gone way beyond as 2018 took us on a seven week journey to The Isle of Wight, back to Old London Town to again experience travelling in style with Insight Vacations “European Rhapsody” escorting us through Belgium to the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Italy. There was no wasted time as we began our second Insight Vacations Tour, “Country Roads of Scandinavia” for an amazing passage through picturesque Norway and Denmark. We took ourselves to Sweden and back to England to explore further.  Get ready to read more adventures.

I meet travellers and backpackers of all ages and nationalities everyday and hearing their stories is exciting, listening to their tales and enthusiasm adds more sparkle to my day. I’m grateful for the life I am blessed with and the people I am privileged to know, for my family, friends and those fleeting encounters with strangers I meet along the way.

Most of all I want you to know that whatever your dreams are, it is possible to manifest your own reality. My hope is to inspire you with my words, encourage you to step passed the boundaries of your comfort zone and soar to new heights, discover new horizons. Let love overtake fear. Let me entice you to travel to countries or Cities you never thought of visiting.

Dance through life holding hands with your inner child and radiate your shining light with laughter, delighting in the exploration of travel.


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Visiting Noosa

Sometimes I feel inspired to write poems on any subject that inspires me at the time. I hope that you find my poetry as enjoyable to read, as I felt to write.

The Snow is Fun, even when You’re Forty One

The Beauty of the Sea

Life Flow

Down By The River

I feel inspired to share my own thoughts, experiences and ideas on motivational, spiritual and inspirational subjects. I truly hope that you do find some kind of inspiration through my writing.


Intro to Manifesting

Manifesting Abundance in your Life

Wellness has always been something that has held high priority in my life. I like to share ideas and remedies to keep your health in check and open your mind to new ideas.

I am very passionate about conserving and caring for our environment and our animal kingdoms for future generations to enjoy. Protecting and nurturing mother earth and the beautiful animals that we are blessed to have and also need, to keep our eco system in balance, means a great deal to me.

Rejuvenation, Healing, Pain Relief, Anti Aging And Wellness Through Nature

All over the world people of all ages are turning to natural therapies for Health, Wellness and Wellbeing.

Join us on Your Journey and Change Your Life Today.